On the basis of the high energy costs or rather the high energy consumption on our school, a project was started, called P.A.S, which will lead to the solution of this problem. The effect of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima (Germany phasing out of nuclear energy till 2022) shows us, that a stronger orientation of the electric power generation in the direction of renewable energy is necessary.  "Photovoltaic at school" is a project which aims to reduce the energy costs of the HTL Mössingerstraße with the power of the sun. The idea is to install 140 photovoltaic panels on the school roof (flat roof) and 60 photovoltaic panels on the facade (300 m2/ 40 kWpeak).  In addition a solar measuring station has been constructed, which measures the annual income and formatted and outputted with a LabView program to an Excel table. The solar measuring station will be mounted on the school roof. It is projected an optimal solution for the school by the students. The innovative on P.A.S is that through this project, new experiences in the field of photovoltaic can convey to the students. A benefit for the economy is that the produced excess energy is fed to the public network. The project will contribute to reduce the high energy costs of the school because of the PV system. Another advantage for the school would be the appearance. If the project is implemented in these proportions, it would be the only school in Austria with a solar power plant of this size.