The only way to realize such a project is to work with micro-controllers. They are very small, not very expensive and can process a high amount of data. Also changes of the program can be implemented easily. The temperature is measured by six PT1000, which gives us the Resistance value and with them we can calculate the Temperature. The visualisation will be realized by a graphic display. On which you can also adjust some small project settings. UTIs are used for the data processing, which make it possible to get three temperatures with one measurement. With these temperatures it is possible to run a service routine, which regulates the whole loop. We will also realize a possibility to save data on a USB-device and to interpret it in other programs, especially in Microsoft excel. Also we are able to compare the temperatures from the whole year so you can check them if something is wrong, for example with the loop. For that we will use a USB-device, because it is very small and can save a lot of data. The whole program should be controlled by a directional pad. It enables the customer to lead through the menu and to implement changes in the settings.