Der Gerechte geht heim, doch sein Licht bleibt.

Light Speed Measurement

The Device

We have the box from a former evening class. It΄s made of aluminium and PVC.

The box

· Solid body

· Nice to fix

· Nice presentiveness

Value: 100,00 €

The motor is a BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) without HALL sensors.

The motor

· High driving speed

· Low torque moment

· Less vibrations

Value: 220,00 €

The motor control is realized with the A3931, a automotive three phase BLDC controller and MOSFET driver. This A3931 is controlley by a PIC18F4680. On the left you see the circuit without the A3931. It contains the full motor control and is the heart of the system.

The motor control

Value: 50,00 €

The Laser is easily realized with a power Laser and a series resistor. The laser control is realized with the motor control board

The laser

Price: 40,00 €

The remote control is realized over an easy radio module. With it you can turn the laser and the motor on/off, adjust the rotational speed and it shows the rotation speed and the temperature of the motore.

The remote control

Value: 70,00 €

This is the main display indicated in the front of the box. It shows only the rotation speed of the motor.

The display

Value: 50,00 €

· Low Costs

· High visibility

· Nice usability

· Normal AA batteries

· High legibility

· Big numerics