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Analysis Unit

The Analysis Unit gets the signals of the sensor. One signal from 1 to 4 V for the State of charge and one from 0 to 5 V for the temperature. These Signales come to a PICC4550 which convert the signales and gives it to the Display and to the intern EEPROM. On picture1 you can see the simple scheme. You can put an USB-Sitck into the USB-Interface and if you press the Switch one you are able to write the recorded data to the USB-Stick. Then you are able to show the recorded data on the PC.


At first we selected the components of the unit as you can already see in Picture1. The Next step was the Connection scheme and the board. (Picture2 and Picture3)


On Picture 4 you can see the finished platine with the PICC4550 and the EEPROM as well as the interface for the 5V source, the Sensor, the Display, the USB-Stick and the interface to program the Microprocessor.


As we finished the platine we built it in our case, which you can see on picture 5. On our case you see the Display and the three switches. The case is not already finished. As you can see the Interface for the USB-Stick is not on the case.