Textfeld: Implementation and Design
of a Magnetic Application











The project deals with the design and implementation of a magnetic application demonstrator. The aim of the project is to realize a linear movement of 5 cm with this demonstrator. This is performed by a stepping motor, which moves the magnet back and forward. The generated changing magnetic field is recorded by a sensor, which works with the GMR effect. The measured data of the magnetic field is then send to a microcontroller. The evaluated data from the sensor as well as the position of the magnet are shown on a display. This touch display allows the operator to control the movement of the magnet itself.


      fig.1: Solid Works construction                                                             fig.2: realisation of the construction



The involved companies are Infineon Technologies Austria AG and Carinthian Tech Research AG as well as the educational institution FH Kärnten.



The HTL Mössingerstraße team consists out of:


   team member:                                    team leader:

   Julia Kabalar                                       Thomas Wurzer