Textfeld: Implementation and Design
of a Magnetic Application












Our work includes research, development, design and programming of a magnetic application demonstrators for Infineon Technologies Austria AG in cooperation with Carinthian Tech Research AG. Due to the large scope of the project the FH - Master Student BSc Michael Huber works together with us to realize this project for Infineon Technologies Austria AG. The benefit of this project for the company is the capacity to be able to better illustrate the sensor to customers in the automotive industry. The demonstrator will then be shown at events and trade shows to interested parties to explain the operation of this sensor.


In our case a linear displacement measurement is carried out with a magnetic field sensor (angle and distance sensor). With the application demonstrator you can show the use of a magnetic angle sensor in a possible application, for example for detecting the position of the shift lever (gear-application), or of the clutch, accelerator or brake pedal. With this method it would be possible to save mechanical components as well as weight in order to construct more environmentally friendly systems.


The goal of the project is to develop a demonstrator, which drives a linear motion of 5 cm. This is performed by a stepping motor, which moves the magnet back and forward to produce a changing magnetic field. The sensor, which operates with the GMR effect, describes the variation of the magnetic field by reducing or increasing the electrical resistance. The measured data is sent to a microcontroller to process it further. These measurement results as well as the position of the magnet are shown on a display. Using this touch display the operator can control the movement of the magnet itself.


The demonstrator is constructed as followed:




The benefit of this project is for the research in the field of magnetic sensors as well as for the companies involved of great importance. The usage of such a sensor could produce more efficient and innovative systems and the parties could thus play a pioneering role in this field of technology. It allows them to attract new customers and increase their market area. Also the benefit to the HTL Mössingerstraße is big, because of this project further contacts with companies such as Infineon Technologies Austria AG and CTR as well as with educational institutions such as the FH Kärnten can be built up.