General Information

Due to the fact of the global warming it is absolutely necessary to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Especially an improvement of the consumption of a heating system, which is powered with solid,
fluid or gaseous fuels, has a great impact on the emission of pollutants.
Because the burning processes are already at the edge of the optimization, it is only possible
to increase the profitability by the distribution of the heat consumption in a building,
which is able to react immediately on local and temporal conditions.

With an adroit zone control, which can be adjusted manually on the circumstances,these targets can be achieved.
The basic functions of a heating system with an intelligent zone control of the heating circuits
shall be exemplified by a simulation model.

Also the comparison with other heating systems shows the enormous potential to save energy
with a zone-valve controlled actuator.
Additional the diploma project shall be available for school lessons that students get a better comprehension of heating systems.

The basic elements of a heating installation, which are also used for the diploma project,
are the heating controller from the firm Landis+Gyr with a digital mixing valve and
a thermal heat pump from the firm Grundfos.
Appropriate simulations are designed to display the other functions of a heating system,
like the outside- or the burner-temperature.
The results of the project can be illustrated at the simulation model.