Thermoforming Machine

Modernization of a Thermoforming machine.

HTL Mössingerstraße

// Team members +

Danijel Stojanovic

Responsible for the programming and cabling of the Programmable Logic Controler. Team Leader

Daniel Hudelist

Responsible for the programming and cabling of the touch panel.

Michael Humnig

Responsible for the safety issues.

Modernization of a Thermoforming machine
HTL Mössingerstraße


In the HTL workshop was a so-called thermoforming machine for plastics, which was purchased 1974. The control consisted of obsolete components, which ensured low security. There was no structure in the wiring. The many obsolete switches made it difficult for students to operate. In addition, the housing was not very handsome. The operating concept and the machine safety of the machine was renewed for pupils in order to make work on the machine safe. The operability of the machine is facilitated by new control elements. The outdated cabling was renewed to meet the safety requirements. Manual control has been automated.