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description Kurzbeschreibung


Visualisierung und modellhafte Darstellung eines KNX Smart Homes.

Der Großhändler Schrack Technik ist auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Modell zur Veranschaulichung der Funktionen eines KNX Smart Homes für seine Kunden. Das Display soll portabel und einfach zu handhaben sein. Die Frontseite dient zur Visualisierung der Smart Home Funktionen mit Hilfe eines Wohnbereichsgrundrisses. Hier befindet sich auch das Bedienpanel mit den einzelnen Tastsensoren. Die Rückseite agiert als offener Schaltschrank und zeigt die verschiedenen KNX – Produkte, welche die Firma Schrack in ihrem Sortiment anbietet. Hier können die verschiedenen Schaltvorgänge der einzelnen Teilnehmer beobachtet werden. Außerdem befindet sich ein Tablet zur Bedienung auf dieser Seite.

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Visualization and model representation of a KNX smart home.

The wholesaler Schrack Technik is looking for a suitable model to illustrate the functions of a KNX smart home for its customers. The display should be portable and easy to handle. The front panel is used to visualize the smart home functions using a residential floor plan. Furthermore the control panel with the individual push buttons is located on the same side. The rear side acts as an open control cabinet and shows the various KNX products that Schrack offers in its product range. Here the different switching processes of the individual participants can be observed. There is also a tablet for operation on this side.

info Details

build  Portable model

On the frontside are the floor plans with recesses for the LED strips and displays for the roller blind simulation. With these component we can show how the actuators work and what they do.Furthermore this side also features the sensors for operating the actuators.The power unit contains all KNX actuators, which control the components on the front side of the case. There is also an IP Control Center installed, which allows us to visualize the smart home on a tablet application or web browser. Inside the case are the power supply and wireless access point for browser and tablet visualization.

code EPLAN

All circuit diagrams are drawn with eplan. This allows us to have a clear structure of the project which contributes to minimizing errors.

build  Interior design

The interior design is printed onto a part of our aluminium plates. It allows the KNX Projectdisplay to show the customers how KNX works in a real live example e.g a living room.

build  Shutter blinds simulation

We have made a shutter blind simulation to accent the before mentioned room design
which gives the customers an better idea on how KNX works.

code IP Control Center

Using the IP Control Center the KNX Productdisplay can make visualization applications for both
smartphones and personal computers. The following image shows our up-to-date visualization.

supervisor_account Team

We are a group of young and dynamic people that want to make their first steps in the professional world. We may be still inexperienced, but we are looking to do our best.

Lucas Gerhard Meisen

Supportive Position in Hardware and Software

Tasked with project and asset management
and creating the wiring schematic in EPLAN.

Anton Konrad

KNX Engineer,
Low voltage engineer

Tasked with creating and fine tuning the KNX-Project
and installing the low voltage components.

Bence Balazs

App creator

Tasked with creating the visualizing application
and responsible for web-related content.

Chris Kristöfl

Hardware engineer,
CAD-File creator with solidworks

Tasked with the case design in Solidworks and realizing it.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Vidoni

Primary Supervisor

Supervision and advice for project management matters.

Ing. Josef Hubmann

Secondary Supervisor

Setting goals and requirements as well as quality control