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Brief description

Deutsch Mit dem EVE – Eventmanager, eine App und Desktopanwendung für Schüler und Lehrer, die zum Planen von Schulveranstaltungen entwickelt wird, verfällt die Notwendigkeit von her-kömmlichen analogen Listen. Lehrer erstellen Events einfach und schnell über Computer oder Handy die Schüler erhalten jeweils (zum Beispiel Sportwoche) entweder Benachrichtigungen oder die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung. So vereinfacht der EVE-Event Manager die Organisation enorm.

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English The EVE-Event Manager, a mobile- and desktop application for students and teachers, works as a planner for school events. Its function is to replace the established paper-lists that many teachers execrate. The organiser can easily create the event with the desktop application, while the pupils can view and register for a certain activity in the mobile application. The EVE-Event Manager significantly decreases organization time and effort. By doing so it is designed to lift a lot of stress of off the teacher’s shoulders.


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Project Structure

The Event Planner consists of two components, a desktop application for Windows and a mobile application for IOS and Android. With the desktop application, events are created and stored in a MySQL database. On the mobile version of the Events Manager the created events can then be viewed by the students as well as the teachers.

RemoteMySQL was chosen as database provider. It offers a storage capacity of 100MB per database. Per account 3 databases can be created and used.

desktop_windows Desktop

Desktop Application

The desktop application allows teachers to log in with their account. They can then plan new events, edit existing ones, or view or copy events created by others. It is also possible to change the language and design of the UI.

This was implemented using Visual Studio and Microsoft Forms.

storage MySQL

MySQL Database

As already mentioned MySQL was chosen as SQL database type. Using the database created by RemoteMySQL and the corresponding phpmyAdmin Dashboard, models can be imported, exported and edited by MySQL Workbench. Furthermore the data access is simplified by the already existing short commands.

It is also practical that the data for individual tables can be exported. There are several file formats to choose from, including PDF and Excel.

phone_iphone Mobile

Android & IOS Application

The mobile version of the Event Manager will be used to view events and perform actions on scheduled activities. Furthermore, it will be possible for teachers to login with the same account as in the desktop application and students should be able to log in with their school account.

As programming environment Visual Studio Code and Dart in combination with Flutter was used.

Our Awesome Team

Sebastian Höfinger

Mobile Application, IOS und Android

Bastian Spitaler

Desktop Application, Windows

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Johann Leitner


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