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Polarity Shift is an engaging first-person puzzle game that challenges players with a mix of inventive movement mechanics and interesting puzzles. As you navigate through a series of dynamic environments, you'll encounter a variety of puzzle elements, buttons, lasers, movable platforms, cubes and intriguing Echo Orbs. The Echo Orbs play a pivotal role in the gameplay, offering players the ability to manually shift their polarity. These orbs come in two types – one imploding and the other exploding – each corresponding to a specific polarity. The clever use of these orbs allows players to manipulate their surroundings and overcome obstacles in creative ways. A standout feature is the Gravity Shift Module, a cube formed by combining the Echo Orbs. This cube defies traditional physics by altering its gravitational pull according to the polarity, adding an extra layer of complexity to the puzzles. To aid in the navigation of these challenging environments, players can leverage a time-slowing feature, providing the opportunity to execute precise movements and solve puzzles more effectively. Polarity Shift offers a balanced and immersive puzzle-solving experience, making it a compelling choice for fans of the genre.

Our project is being processed and created at the HTL Mössingerstraße

Polarity Shift ist ein fesselndes First-Person-Puzzle-Spiel, das die Spieler mit einer Mischung aus innovativen Bewegungsmechaniken und interessanten Rätseln herausfordert. Während du durch eine Reihe dynamischer Umgebungen navigierst, wirst du auf verschiedene Puzzle-Elemente stoßen, wie Schalter, Laser, bewegliche Plattformen, Würfel und faszinierende Echo Orbs. Die Echo Orbs spielen eine entscheidende Rolle im Gameplay und bieten den Spielern die Möglichkeit, ihre Polarität manuell zu verändern. Diese Orbs gibt es in zwei Typen – einer implodiert, der andere explodiert – und jeder entspricht einer bestimmten Polarität. Der geschickte Einsatz dieser Orbs ermöglicht es den Spielern, ihre Umgebung zu manipulieren und Hindernisse auf kreative Weise zu überwinden. Ein herausragendes Merkmal ist das Gravity Shift Module, ein Würfel, der durch die Kombination der Echo Orbs entsteht. Dieser Würfel trotzt der traditionellen Physik, indem er seine Gravitationskraft entsprechend der Polarität verändert und den Rätseln eine zusätzliche Ebene der Komplexität hinzufügt. Um die Navigation in diesen anspruchsvollen Umgebungen zu erleichtern, können die Spieler eine Zeitlupen-Funktion nutzen, die die Möglichkeit bietet, präzise Bewegungen auszuführen und Rätsel effektiver zu lösen. "Polarity Shift" bietet eine ausgewogene und immersive Puzzle-Erfahrung und ist somit eine fesselnde Wahl für Fans des Genres.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles and proceed in levels. Throughout gameplay you are able to find "reality essence" that unlock certain features or new game mechanics. You need to obtain all the shards to save the structure of reality


Here is a short summary of how the Player Assets and the Puzzle Elements work and interact with each other

Player Assets

Player Assets

Echo Orbs

The echo orbs are the most important part of the game, they allow you to solve many puzzles and enhance the way you move/navigate through the levels.

Echo Orbs can be changed by shifting the polarity, in one state the orb is red and makes an explosion on activation and in the other state the orb is blue and creates an implosion.

The implosions and explosions affect many different Gameobjects including the player.

Player Assets

Gravity Shift Module ( GSM )

The Gravity Shift Module, short GSM, is also an important player asset. It can be used to activate buttons and block laser.

The special feature it has is manipulating the gravitational pull of itself, which makes it very versatile. This feature is also able to be triggered manually by changing the polarity.

Puzzle Elements

Puzzle Elements


Doors play an important part, because they are the thing that keeps the player inside of the level. Most of the time, the player needs to open them to proceed.

Doors can be activated by all "input actors" / gameobjects, like buttons, switches and receivers.

Some doors also come with a terminal/interface, if so, the player can open them just by interacting with the terminal.

And a few of them can also be seen as "AND-Gates" and will only open if all corresponding input actors are active.

Puzzle Elements


Buttons are one of the three "input actors".

They can be used to activate all the "output actors" like Doors, Hatches, Platforms and Laser.

The button can be activated by:
Standing on top, using the GSM and by objects the player is able to move around.

Puzzle Elements


Just like the button, the switch is also one of the three "input actors"

And they can also be used to activate all the "output actors".

The switch can only be activated by interacting with it via the interaction key "e" on the keyboard.

Puzzle Elements


The laser is interesting because it can be activated via "input actors", but is also able to activate other input actors "receivers" which activate certain "output actors".

The way the laser works is very intuitive, the laser emits a laser (no shot), in the direction the object is facing, which is able to activate the receiver "input actor" when hit.

Puzzle Elements


The receiver is the last of the three "input actors".

The receiver can only be activated when hit by a laser.

Just like the other "input actors", it is able to activate all the "output actors".

Puzzle Elements

Movable Platforms

The movable platform is an "output actor" which moves into set directions on activation and on deactivation the platform will navigate back to its original position.

Puzzle Elements

Launch Pads

The launch pad launches, like the name implies, certain game objects into the direction the overlapping component was originally heading towards to.

The launchpad also indicates the direction the object is getting launched into.

The force of launch pads can vary (intended).

Puzzle Elements

Bounce Pads

The Bounce pad works just like the launchpad but instead of using the velocity of the overlapping component, the bounce pad takes all the velocity of the component and launches it into the direction the pad is facing.

The force of bounce pads can vary (intended).

Puzzle Elements

Sticky Pads

Sticky pads slow down objects that collide with them (only the Player and "Echo orbs").

Echo orbs are completely stuck on impact but the player is just getting slowed down.

Puzzle Elements

Physics Cubes

Physics cubes can be found in some levels and can help you solve puzzles.

Cubes can be moved around by ether pushing it or with the help of echo orbs.

Physics cubes can activate buttons and are affected by launch pads, bounce pads and echo orbs.

Puzzle Elements

Orb Passable Walls

Echo orbs can pass through but everything else can't.

If an echo orb is near to the wall, the wall will change colors and adapt regarding the distance and the polarity of the orb.

Puzzle Elements

Interactive Lights

A light that can be activated by input actors.

But most of the time activated via an invisible trigger.

It can vary in size, color, light type, intensity and attenuation radius.

Our Awesome Team

Polarity Shift Developers:

David Supanz

Creation of gameplay mechanics, visual effects and 3D models

Manche Menschen kommen ohne Axt auf die Welt, können aber trotzdem Bäume fällen.

Alex Kropiunik

Creation of Levels, Sounds and User Interface

Ich habe nichts dagegen ausgenutz zu werden, so lange ich Spaß dabei habe.

Philipp Fellinger

Creation of Player movement, character and Textures

"Philipp du bist der geilste" -Philipp

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Rodiga