Solar Boat


The task of this project is to construct a solar powered electric boat. The main charge of the batteries is realized with a photovoltaic plant. Beyond is a land loading station across rectifier provided that an environmental friendly using is possible. The boat is exclusively driven by electrical motors and provides for ten people place. The photovoltaic panels are also used to prevent people from unwanted environmental influences. The boat is served with a remote throttle stick and a steering wheel. Client of the project is an hotelier from the tourism area Ossiachersee, who wants to make lake cruises with his guests, which should be as environmental friendly as comfortable. The budget of this project shouldn’t exceed the framework of 50.000€ The project is structured in three different priorities and each team member take one of it. Basically the project is setting together in: photovoltaic panels, batteries and motor control. Course the topics are frequently overlap, so that we must have a close cooperation. This includes the choice of the suitable photovoltaic panels, batteries and also the engines. It is also necessary to calculate the current which flows between the components to select the right cable cross section. The boat yard has also a very important part of this project. It builds according to the elaborated data of the number of persons, weight of the different components, assembly variant of the solar roof, mount of the batteries and with all the other facts the framework of the boat. The build of the boat couldn’t be finished in the frame of the time till but the possibility of completion exists after the thesis.