This product is a solar home system with a grid connection. The system will be controlled by a time- and a light control system. We are using a two axis tracking system to reach the maximal energy production. The system has to control the two axis tracking system also if the light sensors don't work (fog, rain or bad weather). Furthermore, it is desired by the company to supply the electrical devices also if there is bad weather for one day by using solar energy. For this reason we save the excess energy in two batteries. The photovoltaic system serves the company as a showpiece and visual object by company visits and also at advertisement for other thinks and must comply with the technical and the optical requirements. On the one side our system will powered three pumps and the filter from the fountain and on the other side it will powered one or two robot lawn mower. Our system must be designed to supply the electrical devices even when there is bad weather for longer time. For this reason the photovoltaic system is also equip with a grid connection. This is necessary because the capacity of the batteries isn't high enough to supply the electrical devises for more than one day.