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Innovative Lighting System

In times of global warming and increasingly deteriorating air quality it is a concern to countersteer. Because many companies have energy-guzzling mercury vapor lamps (HQL)in use, although a switch to an innovative LED lighting system promises an energy and C02 savings up to 80%. This project demonstrates that environmental protection and profit orientation can enter symbiosis. This project includes the development of an innovative lighting system, with particular attention to the following topics:

Project logo, 2014

Therefor the lighting situation of the production hall of "Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems" (BMTS) will be evaluated. BMTS is an in Carinthia located company. The luminance is measured by measuring the entire production hall. This to get a better comparison to an LED version and to determine whether all the standard values are observed. The next step is the selection of an LED hall luminaire. But this step figured out to be very difficult, because in the European Union there are no satisfying standards for LED lights existing. For this reason a system to rate the LEDs and the suppliers has been developed. But a good light is not enough, therefor other technologies such as presence detectors and daylight-dependent lighting control systems have been included in the project.

In the development of the lighting control system the focus was on low maintenance costs, low energy costs and on the productivity-enhancing feature of light. Several studies of the effect from light to the human biological rhythm were taken into account, to create an innovative lighting system which also raise the productivity and the wellness from the workforce.

This Project should prove that a transition to a sustainable LED lighting system is not only environmentally but also economically meaningful.