Intelligent Workshop

The Intelligent Workshop

One push of a button and the lights dim down, the blinds roll down and the Beamer starts projecting. This isn´t a dream of the future, but an already working concept. The bus system KNX is one of few that make this and much more possible. By using sensors you can make i.e. a heat regulation depending on measured temperature or the amount of sunlight falling in. Combined with DALI, a bus system especially designed for lighting, you can constantly control the light to have the optimal illumination at workplaces. This reduces the energy consumption, as most Workplaces have their lights turned on at full performance, ignoring the amount of daylight from outside. Advantages to usual installation are:

Project logo, 2014

The goal of our project is to use this concept to intelligently wire a new Workplace for students. The implemented functions consist of constant light control, the possibility for the teacher to turn the student's workplaces on or off, activation of the compressed air, and activating the blinds so students can control them with the KNX at their workplace.

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