On this Website you will find all useful data and information about the RFID & NFC Sniffer. This Project is developed by two students of the HTBLA Mössingerstraße during their diploma thesis in cooperation with the HTBLA Mössingerstraße.

What is the RFID & NFC Sniffer

Nowadays privacy and observation are a big part of our lives. The majority knows that mobile phones could be used to observe persons. Only the minority knows that small chips that can be implanted in our clothes are also used for surveillance. So the RFID & NFC Sniffer is designed to find these hiden RFID or NFC tags so that they can be removed.


Jannuary 13rd.2015

Started developing Website

Jannuary 15th.2015

Iteration 3 with presentation

Jannuary 16th.2015

First webpage prototype

Jannuary 18th.2015

Final webpage

Jannuary 21st.2015

Iteration 3 with presentation

Jannuary 22nd.2015

Smaller improvements Hard- and Software improvements

Jannuary 28th.2015

Case in production and first working version of the GUI

March 4th.2015

Started to paint the case

March 6th.2015

Assembling of all components. Now the Sniffer is done.