Dream it. Wish it. Do it



The full project started with the idea, which simply was to programm any kind of app. To consider a topic of the app was found to be difficult, but with the help of our teacher, a nice idea could be developed. Based on our experience of the first class, we determined the five most important topics of the first year at school.


After having an idea, the really work begins. Structuring a project is the first step to success. After we have determined the five topics, following problems occur: how do we make the app? Which tasks does the students have to handle? In which way would a student learn the best? And how should such an app have to look? In addition, a database model with the programm MySQL has been made. This helps us to keep an overwiev.


The designing process includes more than just colours, buttons, fonts and icons. A really good design has to be well-considered.

First of all we designed the different tasks, how they should look and how the students have to answer them. The next steps were mockups. These are small pictures in form of a smartphone, were the design is established in drawn figure.

The drawn mock-ups will be replaced soon with the real desgin like "Login" and "Register"

After that we choosed the colours and the design for our night mode. This mode is especially a feature for technical studends because of the long school days. 

Short view

To get a better owerview, we created a video to show you, how we have designed the app and how it should work for the user. Therefore we made pictures from our mock-ups and loaded them up in POP (Prototyping on Paper). This is a free iPhone App were the drawn buttons can be linked to another mock-up. So it seems like the app is running.


Our app is programmed with Android Studio. After designing the sides, the function of the app has to be programmed. This consists buttons, input fields, output fields etc. 

Who is responsible