The Project

The ISBID project is a new and innovative concept to detect ice on different surfaces. It has the ability to detect three different surface conditions which are air, water and ice.
ISBID covers industries needs of a cerain way to detect ice, it's new measurement principle guarantees a safer detection than competitive optical or mechanical systems are able to provide at the moment. In addition ISBID isn't only able to detect ice. Trough sensor structures made of a conductive Polymer developed by Villinger technologies it is also possible to melt detected ice when it's necessary.
ISBID is realised using sensor structures espacially made for this project - a measuring instrument realized with MD8710 communicating to a computer. At the computer the core algorithm - written in Matlab - analyses these measurements and provides a graphical user interface that displays surface state to the person operating the system.

A possible application for this system is a wind power station.
Wind power stations have ice problems in winter. Their rotor blades are icing to an amount at which it is dangerous to operate the plants, because ice could hurtle off and harm somebody.

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