Mankind has always been interested in the limitless possibilities that the sky has to offer. As a result, since the earliest beginnings of engineering, flight has been something that interests generation after generation: each aiming to go higher and faster than their predecessors with gravity as the only real opponent.

This project is driven by the ongoing pursuit for greater elevation and higher speeds. We aim to take advantage of new technical possibilities and explore the skies by developing a functioning “Quadrocopter”. The art involved in developing such an aircraft is not only to use appropriate basic technical components, but also to attain a level of harmony and balance between the four independent motors found within the aircraft. In order to realize this objective, it is essential to posses and in-depth knowledge in the field of control engineering. The frame for the “Quadrocopter” will be built and created by the project team. In order to communicate with the aircraft, a sensor and transmitter board will be built into the “Quadrocopter”.

This project will be divided into two sections, “hardware” and “software” which will be developed and modified by the project participants. The final goal of the project is to achieve a radio-control free flight that includes a safe landing. Other variables such as a data analysis of speed, altitude and GPS are not considered relevant to this project.