Our project is carried out in cooperation with the company of Flextronics. This company has its location in Althofen. It consists of the departments Car motive, Medical and Industrial. This company produces electronic components as well as medicine products. Flextronics Althofen has several suppliers. One of these suppliers is located in Treviso/ Italy. This supplier produces plastic components and delivers these components to Althofen. The quality of the delivered product isn't satisfactory. This leads to a high scrap rate. This can cause high costs and a waste of time. The tasks of the project team are analyzing the causes of this high scrap rate. Therefore, the company was visited in Treviso (Italy) to notice possible errors. This analysis shall serve the aim of this project. The topmost aim is to reduce the high scrap rate. The fault analysis evaluated a faulty appliance which serves the ultrasonic welding machine. This insufficient appliance lead up to production faults which results to a high scrap rate. For this reason a new appliance was designed and developed by the project team, which shall serve the company in future. A reason why the company Flextronics has such high costs was also the not existence of an outgoing inspection in Italy for the company in Treviso. Faulty products were checked by the incoming inspection in Althofen and were sended back to Treviso again. As a next step they removed these faults and delivered these products to Althofen once more. To minimize this procedure, an outgoing inspection was introduced in Italy for the company. An employee was trained and introduced to the area of responsibility by the project team. This outgoing inspection is operated with success currently and leads to a quality improvement. All quality tests are done with the quality safeguarding program Babtec. This software was explained to us by employees from Althofen. The project team learned this software with the support of the employees and implemented these in Italy. Now the supplier has a quality software in Treviso. He can simply evaluate the measured data and pass these data on to Althofen. A test version was transmitted to the supplier. The employees of the quality control department in Italy were introduced into this quality safeguarding program Babtec by the project team.