The basic idea is to develop a measurement system respectively to create a sensor for GRP pipe systems. This sensor should be able to capture and analyse important operating parameters which are crucial for the lifetime of the pipes. Nowadays, the review of such tubes is only feasible through the use of heavy and very expensive tools such as robots. With a built-in sensor fixed on the pipe, you would have cost savings in the amount of several thousand euros per pipe system. Our business partner is a market leading manufacturer of GRP pipe systems and has installed so many tubes worldwide, so that you could circle the earth with them three times. Thus, the costs of inspection play a significant role.


But what are GRP pipes? GRP pipes are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and have a very high mechanical load capacity. So their field of application is a very far reaching. For example in pumped storage power plants, for the transport of drinking water or in the wastewater sector.