Our intention is to develop a measuring method, which can determine the status of important operational parameters of a pipe in real time. The evaluation of the signals, emitted by the individual measuring elements, should take place by means of a microcontroller. Furthermore, the data is to be written into a memory and provided with a time stamp. Among other things, the current status of a pipe is to be read directly at the pipe's surface and to make the data transfer of the stored data as simple as possible, this should be implemented by using a modern wireless data transmission technology. Because the entire measuring system must function without any external power supply, so-called passive wireless interfaces are installed on the microcontroller to keep the energy demand as low as possible.


To sum it up, the maintenance should be able to collect all relevant data of the operational conditions of a pipe, without the use of heavy tools and aids but only equipped with a handy wireless reader. For this purpose, it should be possible to walk along a pipe at a certain distance to collect all relevant data without much effort. In addition, a maintenance employee should be able to visibly identify, with a look at the pipe's surface, if a tube change is necessary or not. This will be best implemented with simple LED lights on the surface of a tube.

Therefore the main challenge is:

  • The measurement,

  • the evaluation,

  • the storage and

  • the wireless data transmission

of the operational parameters of a GRP pipe, which are crucial for a tube change.